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INFO data

what you need to know to receive channel info via OSC in various formats

When you "query:control the QVicon2OSC application about the state of channels, it will send this information to a host and portnumber via OSC. By default, it will use the same host and portnumber as the normal data connection, but this can be changed if needed (e.g. when you are sending the data directly to the SuperCollider3 server, you might want to send the information to the SuperCollider3 client) in the "OSC info server" area.

When the "automatic notification of selection change" is turned on, this connection will be used to send an OSC bundle holding a list of currently selected channels each time you change the selection either manually or via remote control.

The information can be sent in two different formats, either via "plain OSC" or via a special format for a SuperCollider3 client.

Each list of channel information is grouped into an OSC bundle. Information for each channel is in separate OSC messages.

channel information header

plain OSC

The 1st part of the OSC address is the very same prefix that is used for transmitting data. The 2nd part of the address can be chosen and defaults to /channels, resulting in a total (default) address of /prefix/channels

SC3 client

The OSC address is always /client.

The first element of the message is a symbol (denoting a function to be called by the SC3 client). It defaults to ViconTrackerInfo and can be changed.

channel information body

The next argument is a symbol holding the channel name (without a prefix), e.g. /body1/LFWT/P. Then comes a boolean value, showing whether the channel is turned on or off. The next value is the number of subchannels this channel holds, followed by a list of subchannel names.


    If the channel "/body3/rfoot/T" is selected, the information for this channel will be ("/body3/rfoot/T" 1 3 "x" "y" "z")


  • In "automatic notification of selection change" mode, only information for channels that are selected is transmitted.
  • When querying a channel (or several channels), information for all queried channels is transmitted.

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