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Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics Graz

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The Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustic is a renowned institution for research, art production and education in the field of audio engineering, digital signal processing and computer music.

As part of the University of Music and Dramatic Arts Graz, Austria, it promotes the development of sound and multimedia art. IEM provides technology and know-how to composers and musicians in the creation and realization of their works. Since 1990, IEM has collaborated with guest artists in the production and performance of more than 80 new compositions. In this process, many international partnerships have been established.

Our research activities are concentrated mainly in digital signal processing, audio engineering, and psycho acoustics, eg. projects in analysis and syntheses of sound and loudness perception.

At IEM, compositions students are trained in musical acoustics, sound synthesis, algorithmic composition, and real-time systems. We have also established an audio engineering curriculum in collaboration with the Technical University in Graz. The most important aspects of our courses is to bring technology and artistic creativity closer together.


Gerhard Eckel
Alberto de Campo


The IEM is the hosting institution and the basis for sound expertise in SonEnvir. Our goal is to apply the technologies developed at the IEM to the problems in sonification and push the field scientifically as well as aesthetically.


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