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Description of all sound examples

A guide to the sound examples made in this session.

We started by taking the undistorted segment of data channel 2, downsampled it to 50 zones, and turned these into 50 resonators. The resonator frequencies were scaled according to the index axis, which is roughly particle size: so small particles have high sounds, and big particles have lower resonance frequencies.

We then made short signatures for the 4 materials, based on chan 2 (delta-refraction index) and channel 4 (fluorescence), with two different exciter signals.

Delta refraction index, all 4 materials in sequence:

Impulse source: Materials1_Pulse_BeechBirchOatRice.mp3

Noise source: Materials1_Noise_BeechBirchOatRice.mp3

Fluorescence measurements, all 4 materials in sequence:

Impulse source: Materials2_Pulse_BeechBirchOatRice.mp3

Noise source: Materials2_Noise_BeechBirchOatRice.mp3

We started on making these playable from a drum pad interface, for a more interactive interface, but did not have time to finish this.


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