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Ising Modell

This dataset was prepared by Katharina Vogt from the Institute of Physics, University of Graz. The Ising model describes the magnetic behaviour of elements in a magnetic material according to the temperature and external electro-magnetic fields. The dataset contains the output of a 2D Ising model for raising temeratures, showing the transision between a chaotic distribution and a uniform magnetisation.

Background: Task/Data Analysis

Data Material for the sessions and the SuperCollider start file.

There were was only one team working on this problem. Here are the session notes, the SuperCollider source code for the developed solution and a sound example.

In this sonification we choose randomly points on the plane, calculate the mean of its neighbouring elements and use this as the main pitch for a grain. Additionally, we add noise in cases where there was high diversity amongst the neighbours. In the sound example you hear this approach applied to the data making the transition of the overall magnetisation due to the increasing temperature appearant.


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