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Department for Epileptology and Neurophysiogical Monitoring, University Clinic for Neurology, Graz

Motivation / Brief description of the department

The Department for Epileptology and Neurophysiological Monitoring does a good job at pre- and postoperative medical treatment and care with providing an ambulance for epilepsy, neuropsychological diagnostic and essential diagnostic methods like the EEG (Routine EEG, Special Video-EEG for inpatients) as well as current medical research.

The EEG (electroencephalogram) is a routine diagnostic method used for registration of cerebral malfunctions, in particular concerning a disposition of increased cerebral excitability. It is often used for clarification in cases of epilepsy, cerebral function disorders, tumors and insults. Usually, diagnostic happens in a visual mode by special EEG-software, which can be enriched by a patient’s video. The trait of this method is a good resolution of data concerning time, but a bad resolution concerning space.

By joining the project SonEnvir and so finding a special sonification approach, we wanted to find alternative ways in EEG analysis.

Hypotheses & Conclusions

The Sonification technique of audification can obviously ease the analysis of long-term EEG recordings as a screening by using a time lapse function. The application of sonification in realtime monitoring enriches and releases the visual mode as well as it offers new opportunities of analysis.

Sonification of EEG-data is a further step to multi-media diagnostics in epilepsy!


Annette Wallisch
Michael Feichtinger
Eva Koerner

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