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Problem sets

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These are the problem sets we have worked on during the team sessions.

Load Flow in Electrical Power Systems
These data contain one week of momentary power consumption levels by five different categories of loads, prepared by Walter Hipp.
EEG Rhythms
EEG Datasets as prepared by Gerold Baier, Task/Data Analysis, and starting files for sonification sessions.
Global Social Data
Global Social Dataset prepared by Christian Daye and Christopher Frauenberger. An example for data that could be used for the ICAD06 concert submission.
Rain Data for the Alps region
10 years model data of precipitation in the Alps region, prepared by Susanne Schweitzer. This is on a grid of 10x10km (78x108 points) x 4018 days.
Ising Model Data 2D
Data from Ising models (100x100 grid) prepared by Katharina Vogt.
Ultra Wide Band Communication
A dataset describing the wave propagation of a UWB signal in an office environment.
Biological Materials - Polysaccharides

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